Welcome, This could all be Yours!

I am selling the 20 sided house that I built in Topham, VT ten years ago. The house is almost round and has great southern exposure with lots of windows on the south side. People find the space to be light and welcoming. It has a massive central chimney made of old concrete road culvert tiles that holds heat well and distributes it throughout the space. The main timbers for walls, floors and roof are softwood trees harvested locally. The top floor is wide pine boards, with some 24" boards. The sole source of heat is a woodstove and the water for the clawfoot tub is heated by a gas fired on-demand Takagi hot water heater. Water is gravity fed and comes from a spring.

The ground floor is concrete and is sunk four feet below grade. It is reinforced with 1/2 inch rebar. The floor has an air tube that preheats incoming air and provides air to the woodstove. The airtube also cools the incoming air in the summer. The house uses less than three cords of wood per winter.

The House has 900 square feet of floor area, electricity and running water. High speed DSL internet is available from Topsham Telephone. The house is 26 feet in diameter. Most of the wiring is 10 guage wire and would retrofit to DC or Photovoltaic power easily. All windows are double pane or 8" glass block. Walls are insulated with 4" of blueboard foam. The ceiling is insulated with 6" of foam. The attic is cold. The chimney has a 1/8" steel liner running top to bottom.

There is presently a composting toilet attached to the main house, but no septic system. A septic engineer has looked at the house and land and pointed out a good location for a septic system if someone wanted to install one.

I am asking $100,000 for the house and 20 acres of land. See more details by clicking on the links at the top of the page.